Make Your Life Easy And Cool With An Undercounter Ice Maker

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If you love hosting parties or if you have a large family, ice is a commodity that you simply won’t be having enough of. If you constantly run out of ice, then investing in an ice maker is something you should be seriously thinking of. One of the several factors you need to consider before purchasing an ice machine is its type.

When it comes to ice makers for residential purposes, you could choose either a portable ice maker or an undercounter ice maker. If you have high requirements of ice every day, then the latter would be an ideal choice.

Undercounter ice maker, also referred to as built-in ice maker, is designed to be installed under the counter or in between your cabinetry. For those who give detailed attention to the design and appearance of the kitchen, this type of ice maker is highly recommended. With its sleek design and attractive look, an undercounter ice maker fits right into your cabinetry and can even make your kitchen look stylish and trendy. This type of ice maker is mostly 15 to 20 inches wide and can produce up to 60 pounds of ice per day. The unit is equipped with a big ice storage capacity that allows it to store the large amount of ice produced.

Although most of the modern versions of the undercounter ice maker do not require a drain, there are other machines of this type that needs one. Drain-free models tend to be cheaper and easier to install than other types. These machines also need a permanent water line and so an expert plumber should be called in for installing the unit. It is important that the water inlet pipe connector, direct drain outlet and drain pump outlet are all connected properly in the right outlet before switching on the machine. This type of ice makers are relatively smaller in size due to which they do not take up too much space inside the kitchen. Prices of undercounter ice makers usually fall between the range of $350 and $5,000.

With an undercounter ice maker, you will never go in short of ice. The machine will help you have as much ice as you want, any time of the day as long as there is a constant supply of water and proper drainage. All you need to do is make sure that everything is connected properly, the unit is getting proper water supply, and the drain line is not clogged. These machines are easier to handle and they produce much clearer and tastier ice. They also help you save money as you don’t have to rush out every time to get bags of ice.

Ice is a must-have in every household, and the continuous demand for it makes an ice maker, a necessary equipment in the kitchen. Fast, cheap and convenient, the undercounter ice makers are made compact, which allows them to easily fit into small spaces and blend well with the kitchen cabinets. These fast and efficient machines can produce fresh and crunchy ice within a short span of time.